Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mrs Quintela

Sonia Quintela, AG 40-44...

Former National champion in swimming, i would say she will be the first out of the water at least in the AG if not the whole AG Women field, from there she will need to hang on ;)

Im pretty sure she wants the Slot for hawaii like her husband. Will be the first Ironman also although she has already quite a few middle distance races in spain and portugal.

She is competitive!!!


Diogo Rosa said...

Grandes Sónia e Pedro! Agora é a minha vez de apoiar!!! O treino está feito e eu sou daqueles que sabe que vocês nunca falharam um treino (ou quase), por isso é só colocar o trabalho todo em prova...

It's Show Time!!! Bora lá...

Diogo Rosa

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