Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rain, Wind, PB, Rain, Rain and Rain...

Im on my easy week before heading out for a 2 weeks training camp held 3km from my place. The 4 weeks will total 104 km of swimming, around 1600km of ridind, 270km of running and around extra 10h of gym etc workouts to a total of around 125h. it looks goodby the numbers :D

Back to the training camp, It will be called training camp but everything will remain around the same, only more work is added and most likely i will have my butt kicked with the fast dudes of the group. One month to my first Half Ironman Distance race here in portugal, in the island of Porto santo, Madeira. That will be my first test of the season and im looking forward to it.

Meanwhile i'm having a hard time with weather, it has been raining all day or almost all day for the past few weeks and the wind is flowing hard too. lots of Yellow Warnings here and there but i have been doing the work as usual, it just makes it a bit harder :P

The good news about training is my new swim PB on the 400m!!! 5:20 in a 3*400 set on wednesday, last time i remember i only was abble to do around 5:30-5:35 so this is nice to see. i only want to carry a good swim speed that i usually get in the winter to the racing season and let the legs do the rest :D

Sunday, January 25, 2009

shotgun looks like this

needless to say that im the only one that has been driving my car :P

Thursday, January 22, 2009

meet the hotta

its finished, not totally the way i want it but its ready and its freaking beautifull

Monday, January 19, 2009


Sorry for pushing the girls down on my blog but this is just Brilliant


it probably wont work very well with rain and all the debris but still a great idea... Im not a night rider myself though

I can have a bike lane for myself!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Please Support those chicks

As some may know Biathlon is by far my favorite sport to watch especially the great Ole einar Bjorndalen that won his 84th race in the world cup, fabulous athelte!!

Its not bjordalen the purpose of the post

Go Canada

Im sure they are great Athletes :P

first block of training under way

With the end of the second week of four of my first block of training this year i have nothing to say other im feeling good, fitter and a bit lighter as well. That wasnt hard of course...

I have 2 track sessions on my belt and lots of strength training in the gym. Swimming with the big group of athletes is very good and my swim times are better a few seconds than last winter. Theresalways the placebo effect claim but i feel that gym is doing good things to me.

Im also enjoying some mountain bike riding and actually did a 60km race last weekend that was going really well until i lost in the bushes while i was riding 3rd at around 30km, it was fun anyway...but i would enjoy it better if i havent lost, i wasnt the only one though ;)

im the blue guy in this group

enjoy the winter...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

something new from TREK

i wonder what it is, cant wait for the end of january :P