Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bye Bye 2017

Glad its over ;)

Lets face it, sporting related, 2017 was pretty much awful if not the worse ever. The good thing is that im far from being stressed about it like ive done in the past. Several reasons result on a piece of mind that i absolutelly love right now.
I won a race early on but after that my stubborn injury and my stubborn attitude resulted in a mid season break/end.

I over that, after intense phisioterapy i believe that its good to go but im still very cautious. December was a fantastic month to ride, 4 extended weekends with the national holidays gave me kms that i have never seen in recent time. Of course Swim and run are virtually none but i had frequency, like 30 min swims and runs and already some good sized runs at the end of the month. I couldnt end the year with a car crash last sunday, nothing to serious but again an old lady just pushed me to the ground, DAMN it.

As for 2018 goals, IM Lanzarote is what i will start focusing tomorrow... I also want get my first tri bike back on the road witch will be a slow process, that wont be to ride in lanzarote, i just want it back on the road, Im a sensitive Bastard ;)

And since there nothing like some year end numbers, here are mine, i dont pay attention to numbers and i wont even bother analazing those ;)


694,79 km
135.895 C

1.905,96 km
132.602 C

Bike(including trainer)
13.710,02 km
417.206 C

ALL activities
16.167,05 km
686.725 C

Happy 2018

Friday, December 15, 2017

Paid Advertizing

This is a "Portuguese post" but since I only write in English (here) ill remain on this selected language and keep exercising my written English (that is far from perfect but lets carry on).

I have been thinking about writing on something that annoys me as a sport lover and citizen. Of course I will be opening a can of worms and some will call me this and that but I have been appreciating the honesty rather than the politically correct approach.

Anyway, after the introduction it might look like there’s not much juice. It gets me absolutely crazy to see """athletes""" at the prime time TV news Show advertising their ego with performances that have nothing to be related to "performance". I mean doing a marathon on the pole its cool, crazy, nonsense, call what you need to call, I even see merit on those guys that do it BUT seeing that on TV makes me sick. I mentioned the north (or south, I don’t care) pole marathon but it has been frequent to see this kind of stunts showing up, people that are mediocre athletes trying to show up by just doing more and more. I don’t blame them, I blame the TV guys or friends/connections that let this go forward. 

For me this would be fine if the real athletes had their space. Everyone cares more about where Cristiano Ronaldo had dinner and we go from this (soccer athlete) to those guys that barely scratch the athlete status, Why? Does the sport really doesn’t care about the best athletes, those that inspire the kids to do sports? I don’t the stunt man/women inspiring kids, this is of course my perception. Why aren’t there more news about our best athletes (except when we have like a world champion). Why we don’t see news about the national champions in each sport? wouldn’t they inspire young people to do better? Why am I "forced" to see mediocre athletes talking about their stupid stunts that serve nothing to the sport? is this paid advertising, that’s what I think it is. 

Don’t get me wrong I always admired the best in the sport be it curling or cliff diving. This of course makes me sick...

Anyway, just a thought that took 3 trainer sessions to write (poorly). ;)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A different way to work the last 30km of the Ironman bike

-Wake up at 5:30 and go for a swim. 
-Get out of the water at 7:05 TOPS, dry your body a get dressed to be inside the car at 7:15, thats enough to get to the work place meet at 7:30. 
-Drive 300km from lisbon to lagos for a meeting 
-Drive 120 km in algarve to check work fronts
-Have a Snack
-Drive 300km back to lisbon at 100km/h due to eavy rain
-Arrive home at 8PM and have dinner and at 8:20 go for a trainer workout (currently warming up)

I bet that the feeling of not wanting to pedal anymore is quite similar to the last 30 km of the ironman bike ;)

the good: 
-Had only 10 min of traffic time.
- I will have 10 min to shower before my regular bed time ;)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

60 min Run


Thats the long run at the moment, ive been very careful with this, im doing Phisioteray 4 times per week witch is helping getting rid of this stubborn injury. BUT although i have been running 30-60 min doent mean that im ok, its still there but getting slowly better. I have been using my weekends to log some decent kms on the bike as during the week i cant do more than 1:30 on the trainer and therapy steals a big chunk of avaliable time. To add to my lack of time ive been forcing a bit of Gym work (yuck).

Im back to wheel building, well ate least one, that took me like 2 weeks to build wasting like 10-15 per day to build a wheel that i already tested (liked it). I built it using the F3SCDS Technology witch increased the stiffness by around 89% (i tightened the spokes ;)).

All good and moving in the right direction.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

30min run

I was ordered to have a run today...

So i tested the status of my recovery. I must say i have mixed feelings, its still there but i think its quite better. Its been 6 weeks since the last time i ran so i cant complain about how dorky i was running.

Ide say i am moving in the right direction. Still not in a hurry, i established the end on octorber as a deadline to have this behind my back but since it took so long to start doing something palpable like exams and therapy i dont think i will reach that goal, no worries.

The MRI result showed essencially nothing, not even a small imflamation so im even more confused, i think i would be better if it had some sort of conclusion other than im not getting any younger ;)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"Back on track"

Seems like everything is coming together to solve my issues. I'm back to regular contact with water, far from an actual workout but doing some base technique, I'm hoping that I can work with a swim coach that got me swimming really well back in 2011 especially when a wetsuit isn't needed.
Yesterday I visited a chiropractor and squeezed a visit to the gym for some strength workout and today another therapy session at alphacycling, seeing some improvements.
As im still waiting for the MRI result I scheduled the first traditional phisioterapy for Thursday so so far I'm happy with the week :)

Sunday, October 15, 2017


What a great day for racing. Less wind makes everything hotter. Like the past years me and vanessa hosted a bunch of  friends and watched from start to finish.
It was a great night to gain weight ;)
As for the race itself probably one the most exciting races in the past years. What to say about sanders, just amazing how a guy that looks so inefficient do so well, what a beast!! The "good looking" Athlete was better though, Lange certainly made it look easy!

Friday, October 13, 2017

52 shades of Sergio

Im Back, well i never left... i Just stopped blogging.
2017 was a really bad year, mostly my fault as i was unable to treat a Injury Property always with the feeling that i was still 20 yo. After months of negation and no more no less than 2 ironman finishes dragging my left leg my mind came Back to its Place after dnf in challenge almere, i Just felt like that the season was lost and had to fix everything before setting a diferent goal. The Goal is Set, but im far from being recovered, in fact i didnt even started any treathment (props to a great medical service in Portugal) but i did one exam that at least pointed one way, still waiting for an mri and an actual authorization to Therapy. This is 5-6 weeks after my desire to get things straight again só nedless to say that im starting to be upset to say the least. The lack of Exercise is killing me but i feel confortable knowing that theres no other way at the moment.
Tomorrow is the day that marks t-52 so this is Just to get used to my own confessionary ;)

And honestely there are things that piss me of and i Will blog about them (im pretty sure nobody reads blogs these days anyway...