Tuesday, February 27, 2018

More on sponsorship

We live in a “like, share, tag” era. For some reasons, it is great; for others, not so great. In sports, this is quite evident and in particular with “sponsorship". I’ve been around for some time, and honestly I enjoyed knowing about The “who” and the “why” of some products and sponsorships. Back then, there was less information, and I believe most people were interested on what the fast guys were using and why, what was new, and why it was better. Companies were also more interested in this association, IMO.
Today, an Average Joe (not wanting to offend anyone) builds his ego by stating that he (or she) is sponsored by this or that company. There are some quite influential people that aren't competitive that indeed have a real sponsorship but most just like to appear superior to their peers by "being sponsored" when they probably only have a 5% discount. Truthfully, I would pay to not be sponsored; I have seen and received some ridiculous offers where I really though that, for the amount of work involved, I would pay to not be sponsored. Apparently others will do anything have the sponsored status — good for them.
Companies take advantage of this free marketing tool — tag, like, share, and you're good to go. What do you get? We will give you a 10% discount that can save you 50€ in a year (but don't go to a online store where they actually offer a 15% discount to anyone...) (You get the point.)
It's funny that this started with me stating that I enjoyed knowing why and what some guys used, but for most "sponsored" folks, you just don't know why or what are the benefits or technical advantages for using a product. They just post a photo, tag a comment, or like a photo and, that's it. I have several interactions with sponsored people that just couldn't state a valid argument for the “like, share, tag”. I find it lame for the ego-motivated sponsored and for the company using this cheap way of marketing. (I won't go right now into how some companies just don't have valid arguments of marketing — maybe later.)

Monday, February 5, 2018

Seems like new year was last week but it's already February!

This was january!
Not bad, especially the run where i feel big improvements in both injury and Fitness. I can now run 2h without pain so i Will now introduce some speed work and see what happens. Still not happy with the swim so ill switch focus in february reducing swimming by a lot.
Another focus for February is loosing  some weight, I'm not far off where I should so it will be an easy task ;)