Tuesday, March 31, 2009

just an update before i leave

to california for a nice week in mr Arnold land :P

this week was very tough, i had a kind of 2 sets of 2 very hard days, Wenesday/thursday and saturday/sunday and with a long run on moday. the totals for the week, 19.6 of swimming, 590km of riding and 109 km of running, 2 gym visits and around 34h in total. I had a 3000m swim time trial yesterday morning and after that its all about recovering.

Needless to say that i was very tired on sunday :P

flying tomorrow to cali for the race and camp, updates as soon as i get my hands in a coputer!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

my good friend Nico at cape epic...

very nice pic of nico pfitzenmayer and her partner Alison

go nico!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The vitor post

Vitor is the name of my massage terapist and friend that is also the closest to a girlfriend that i currently have, why? he is the only one that puts his hands in my Butt :P

The SOB tortures me once a week and while i scream he laughs out loud

he looks like this

I know, he is ugly but if you see him around please kick is butt really hard...

Now enough about Mr vitor, i havent done much other than training lately. I had my race on staurday and had a good fun and besides being around 3 min gap to the winner Bruno pais i was around 20th (dont care much about classification) that is to say that in around 3-4 min 30 atheltes got to the finish line, yes, impressive. The amount of young guys in the race is just amazing and they are bloody fast too.

I had way better legs than last weeks race witch made me feel motivated and this weeks workouts have been very good as well
Special Kickass workout today, 130km ride in the morning and a 2h workout in the track in the afternoon (5X3000) followed by another 5h ride tomorrow morning...... that will be nice.

Im almost on my way to the Team timex camp and of course california 70.3 next door. Last weeks totals where 17000m of swimming, 18:30 (590km) of rididng, 4:50 of running and two gym sessions

Like i said this week is hard and then ill see what kind of improovments i have done in oceanside

More soon

Oh vitor....menos

Sunday, March 15, 2009

building it up...

well the fisrt big week is done and im already feeling smoked. It was at least how i felt at todays sprint duathlon (6/22/2). i finished probably outside the top20 (yes i know) i dont know for sure.

lets see, as i am starting to log my training again after a 2 year yatus i can say that this week had 31 km of swimming, 595 km of riding and around 100km of running. Had very good workouts in the track on tuesday (8*2000) and on thursday (10*800) and felt well swimming but yesterday and today i was a bit off (did i say a bit)

I will have another week of plenty of time in the road and a sprint triathlon on saturday, funfunfun

i honestely cant wait to get to california, lots of friends over there to visit and the team camp will be great as well :D

Sunday, March 8, 2009

porto santo and the transition

Well im sorry but i "forgot" to post how my first try-athlon of the season was...

I was 6th with a slow slow race. I would expect a bit more at this time but im far from disgusted with it, it was probably what i worth right now.

27min no feet swim (as freakin usual) loosing almost 4 min to the fast group of leaders,

a 253W AVG bike to a 2:30 slit and a 1:24 run made my day. Race wise its all i need to say :P

This week was easy to recover and make a small transition period to a diferent focus. I will have another 4 week block leading to Oceanside and during that period i will race 2 sprints, a duathlon and a triathlon. Hopeffully it will build some momentum and i sure need it right now.

My weight loss is in the right side of the curve but its a bit far from what i want, just look how huge i am in that pic :P

more sooner than you expect :D