Sunday, March 8, 2009

porto santo and the transition

Well im sorry but i "forgot" to post how my first try-athlon of the season was...

I was 6th with a slow slow race. I would expect a bit more at this time but im far from disgusted with it, it was probably what i worth right now.

27min no feet swim (as freakin usual) loosing almost 4 min to the fast group of leaders,

a 253W AVG bike to a 2:30 slit and a 1:24 run made my day. Race wise its all i need to say :P

This week was easy to recover and make a small transition period to a diferent focus. I will have another 4 week block leading to Oceanside and during that period i will race 2 sprints, a duathlon and a triathlon. Hopeffully it will build some momentum and i sure need it right now.

My weight loss is in the right side of the curve but its a bit far from what i want, just look how huge i am in that pic :P

more sooner than you expect :D


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with your weight, You look like Torbjorn Sindballe! ;)

Anonymous said...


After reading the race report on the race website, all the guys in front of you are ITU Olympic racers, so super fast dudes.

What's the point? Speed, Speed and more speed. These guys can substain the effort required for a HIM due to the amount of training they do in a week but racing/training like you are doing for Ironman is another cookie.

Not, sure that many of them we're still be there at the end of a IM.

Congrats on a solid effort.