Monday, September 3, 2012

The classic Guadalajara Triathlon

Classic, for me and for the triathlon scene in this side of europe. One of the oldest races around...

2 weeks after Kalmar and well under my build up for hawaii i couldn't miss this opportunity to race again in my most visited triathlon venue, only hawaii has the same amount of races.

Anyway straight to the race, the goal was to have a solid day and for sure try to be the most competitive as i could. The swim started at 2pm (yes afternoon) and i started on the right side when all the good swimmers where in the middle.

My plan was to have some clear water, avoiding the so famous Spanish ankle grabing, before settling into a rithm and hopefully be in the 2nd group out of the water. I did have clear water but when i tried to get into the middle where the fast guys where i had 2-3 swimmers that really didn't want me to get there so i lost those feet. with 400m i left the group that i was leading but couldn't get closer to the group ahead, so i left the 1900m absolutely alone, looking at the classifications i saw that i was the only one in the 26min mark. | Videos de Triatlón de Guadalajara [Guadalajara]

T1 and of to a very challenging course, more climbs that i can now count. I was clear of the 3rd pack of swimmers and never really got to me witch was a good sign. by 15km i got to a pair of cyclists, one spagnot and one Portuguese. I rushed to keep going at my own pace in the flats, wind (very windy), climbs and downhills. In the process i caught everyone except the leader Ivan Tejero. It was a 100% at the front of a pack that got bigger and bigger through the way. i challenge anyone to say otherwise... I got to T2 in second with 3, David castro, Daniel Mujica and Gomez. | Videos de Triatlón de Guadalajara [Guadalajara]

The run was eventful in the first kms. I got out first followed by Castro. He immediately got to my heels and tried to go away, i had my usual patience in the first kms. Gomez got to us with around 3 kms and he passed in a truly suicide pace taking Castro with him. Patience normally is a good virtue and after castro blew up i got back to 2nd in the second lap and in the process i shaved roughly a minute from Ivan Tejero but still had 2 to go and Ivan really looked composed. I still went for it during the 3rd lap but it was impossible to get into striking distance so it was time to call it a day and cruise to the finish in second place. | Videos de Triatlón de Guadalajara [Guadalajara]

results can be found here

A good test, i tried to get the best bike split without loosing the run despite having a few guys sitting behind me, i really wasnt paying attention to who was behind. Ivan did in fact a great race to get to another title, i was second to the same guy in consecutive years ;) ill be glad to go back next year!
Sunday was time for a longish bike ride witch isnt a good recovery workout so to speak!

Im now done with races till hawaii