Monday, January 8, 2018

Charity BS

With all the controversy around "rarissimas" a charity institution in portugal that has been serving personal interests IN BIG FASHION, im led to believe that there isnt a single instituition where, anyone who digs a litle deeper something will pop up from the dirt, we call it "cada escavadela cada minhoca". But lets moove on... i guess its just normal to steal public money aroud here, its curious to see all the indignation in our soccer league referees when everyone gets away with stealing.....uuuh moving on.

We are now experiencing the abuse of charity, we call charity to everything even for pure personal enjoyment. I find it ridiculous that someone will race 5 IM in five diferent continents for charity reasons... How much did it raised? wouldnt it be better to just give away the money spent in travel to charity or was this just a "charity" BS masked as a sporting vacations?
What about fund raising to .... fund a hobby? WTF???!!! are you kidding? where will this end? hey i want a Ferrari, its my dream (not really but you get the point) can you all give me money to buy it?
Im not that negative, im sure that there are great causes out there but sometimes i get troubled to see someone that is just trying to not spend money to do something that is no more no less than a hobby. Points added to see that the costs involved are magnified by the addition of Special Travel Arrangment for Friends and Family, STAFF (yeah i made that up). I wonder how Many pros have the opportunity to have 4 staff members to race an ironman.

Charity is giving a hungry man a meal, thats charity (at least the basic its there), charity is giving a homeless person a roof... stay in the basics.

Stay safe