Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Ford Ironman World Championship (Part 01)

i really want to get back there ;)

Monday, December 6, 2010

a few details

winter bike project

brought back to life a bianchi steel frame with some parts i have around

the fork itselt weights 889 grams ;)

but the bike has a very decent weight at 8,2kg

Friday, November 26, 2010

i liked this race

I can always say that ive done the 2 hardest official IM in the circuit :D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

happy for the crew mad for the rest

2 dnf, me and Vanessa, what a pair.

For me it ended soon...

I swam what i would expect missed the Vabrosek/longree + others group by a a minute or so, after that i could only hold the 2ºC for 10 miles where i passed Longree and was just about to do so with vabrosek, the next 10 miles it was just too much to the point i couldnt ride straight, i pulled to the side shivering and asked someone to get into a car, that was about it.

Vanessa had to pull out in the run due to the injury she got in the bike crash.

As for the rest of the boys, Pedro Gomes...What to say, what a race he led half of the run before cunama passed him for the win, He held of Bockel to mach my result in this race, i was really pulling for him to get the win, he defenetely has what it takes to get it soon, what a season for him.

Sedi finally got below 9h and below 3h on the run and won the age group

Rodrigo finished in 9:17 and 7th in the AG

Sergio Costa finished in 9:32 and 17th in the AG

Hugo Ribeiro finished in 9:43 and 19th in the AG

Pedro Quintela finished 10:10 and 33rd in the AG

and finally Sonia Quintela did it 11:37 and finished 16th in the AG

Friday, November 5, 2010

As cold as the worst days in portugal

that is the temperature around here, just insane. i tought i would have my last experience with warm weather before the portuguese winter ;)

I would love to have enough legs for this bike ;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

WC 164K

Vanessa Pereira, AKA my GF ;)

doing his first Ironman was the goal since she got registered a year ago and ever since has been getting some godd results... National LD distance champ, World LD champ in her age group are some of few races she has done under my supervision ;)

A crash 3 weeks ago in the bike just destroyed my hopes of a qualification for hawaii, got injured and has been swimming only for the last weeks. She is still going for it as i think the injury is almost done, i will be proud to see her going trough the finish line on board of her Slowtwitch approved bike ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Pedro Gomes, watch out for this webdesigner ;)

he is the athlete that i shared the most time in training by a long shot, i know him from the time i started doing tri's and he already had a couple years doing it. has been doing middle distance since 2004 and finally did his first Full IM this year

He loves to race more than train and this year has been great for him, including 5 weeks with 1 middle distance race each weekend and a Full ironman at the end, all with awesome results, from wins to a 6th place in Challence Barcelona, he will be close to the lead in this race for sure, and he is looking forward to Saturday evening to start his donut loading ;)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Guru

Hugo Ribeiro AG 40-44 has been once to hawaii and wants to do it again he just needs to hang on in the run as he has a strong built :P

I know him since the time a started swiming biking and running and there not much to say about how a good friend he is.

He made a fast and furious "becoming dad" after hawaii 2008 and now he is back in buziness

the professor will try to go to kona again, wish him well and i hope i can put 1:30 on him soon :P

Monday, November 1, 2010

me ;)

not much to say as this is my blog ;)

this will be my 15th Ironman and this was my first (2003) and best result ever (2007, 2nd)

Not sure what to expect as i got sick 2 times after IM Wisconsin try, i actually feel that i really need a good break to recover my body, a break without being forced too. So i look forward to november 7th...

As i said training went from Awesome to Sick in the last months. But you never know, sometimes awesome performances come in very weird situations ;)

good zoot kane review

didnt tried the kane but the Kalani are awesome

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The 30-34 smackdown

Rodrigo Baltazar AKA fininho and some times teh flying sardine

The closest thing along with Pedro Gomes to the training partner concept. like i said, all of the group except the Compression Family are part of my training group.

Kinda new to the sport, he caught the IM desease in a visit to watch hawaii in 2008, my dreadfull year of crashes and flats...

ever since he has been doing Halfs and won his AG in the european Long distance Champs in vitoria, spain.

Swim Instructor for the kids and of course another portuguese in the 30-34 AG. 

Good swimer, decent biker and runner, he has no goal other than finishing the First Ironman but i think there a lot more to be added ;)

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Sergio Dias AKA SEDI has 2 IM hawaii in the pocket and wants more next year.

Works for Ericson but after 5-6 years i know him i still not sure what he does there, honestely ;)

good times in Kona 2005, my first time there and where Sedi god the Ironman Desease

Sedi looks big on the bike photos but thats because the bike looks like a tricicle

3 IM finisher witch includes the 2 IM hawaii and will race in the very (portuguese) competitive 30-34 AG

Besides having a shot at the Kona Slot he wants to run the marathon without stoping in the portapotty (sp?) and get close to the 3h mark, we will see about that at least the stoping thing as i believe he is pretty capable of doing it time wise

Friday, October 29, 2010


There are 3 sergios competing, Me, Sergio Dias (sedi) and Sergio Costa (serginho),

Serginho started doing ironman this year in Roth, with an impressive 9:45, before that, just a Half, he obviously started with the big ones, no sprints or olimpics for the AMG guy.

He is known in the weekend rides to hammer hard when he smells home and feels the workout is already done ;)

Working in the renewables energy buziness, he rides the most impressive bike of the bunch. when we exclude my own bike of course

He is in contention for the 30-34 crown among the portuguese, i love to put pressure on them ;) besides the 30-34 AG he is also competing for the faster midget in the group against SEDI

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mrs Quintela

Sonia Quintela, AG 40-44...

Former National champion in swimming, i would say she will be the first out of the water at least in the AG if not the whole AG Women field, from there she will need to hang on ;)

Im pretty sure she wants the Slot for hawaii like her husband. Will be the first Ironman also although she has already quite a few middle distance races in spain and portugal.

She is competitive!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the Compression family ;)

Starting off with Pedro Quintela, He lives with the family around 100km from me and him and his wife are the compression family for reasons that i think are obvious ;)

He is doing his first ironman, and had quite a few problems early in the year in his coxis (sp?),  this from lets say...too much internet reading and a very poor bike fit. He almost gave up of racing and actually got a quote from a doctor that he would never be able to workout again without pain but fortunately i made his way out and seems to be well prepared for the race.

The quintela's dont train with my group like the rest of the gang but we are very good friends.

Not sure what's his goal though, he is racing in the 40-44 AG so i would say, watch out for this skinny tall guy...bib number 1108

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


no updates lately and actually will race Ironman Florida in a few days.

There is a planed invasion to what portuguese athletes is concerned. nine in total, all with diferent stories, i find it fun to present them in my blog since they are all my friends and in a single case more than that ;)

as for me, ever since i came back to portugal after wisconsin i have severall low and highs. my general feeling is that i cant wait to have some time off without being forced to it.

story coming soon ;)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


that would make my ironman swims very fast ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Monday, September 13, 2010

they come in pairs

Well i was certanly not expecting this for sure....

the day seemed to be perfect, and actually the forecast was very good with the winds picking up at the time the field should be going home and as a tail wind, temperature was really nice for racing, not hot not cold, perfect. Even the run course was easier since the big hill, the observatory hill had construction so it was eliminated.

Swim was way off what i could do, i didnt have that initial kick and geezz i never had to swim the whole course alone in front, that was what happened. i really didnt felt alright in the water but when i got out i kinda felt relieved that Steffan riesen was on my feet as well as desiree ficker and going through the maze in Monona terrace transition area i had a glimpse of Max longree that was still to go into the indoor area while i was already getting my bike. considering how i felt that was not too bad.

Down the helix and away we go, i was under the impression that riesen was just not a good guy to follow knowing that he is a very good cyclist. I het him go and had my own pace. Getting into the first hills i was feeling great and already with nutrition at 100%. in fact before i got to verona, around 20 km into the bike i could still see Riesen a few undred meters ahead. Hmmm, that was nice of course, then i got into the 2 loop course and while doing some of those 90 degree turns i got a flat. S%$^$&

pulled to the side of the road and did whatever i needed to do i saw some good names going through, Max was one of them and actually he took more time to pass me than i would expect witch probably meant that i actually incresed my lead in that 25km. as i was about to use the co2, the adapter just fell apart, the o ring seals just melted, they probably where sitting there for to long, i dont know but it just didnt work. i was kinda fortunate because the bike tech support didnt take too long to show up, changed the wheel and i was out of there. i had been passed by a few AG but knowing that people do tend to get excited ealry on the bike i didnt really care.

at this time i just wanted to know what was my gap to the lead and how that would feel as a decent, considering a flat, or managable with so many miles to go.

i was feeling good and was pushing really good power. that information only came with 70km into the ride and from a reliable source :D 20 min!!!
Oh, thats not too bad at all!! already knowing the course well i was around 4:50 time for the ride and, excluding, of course, the flat that would put me somewhere closer to 5 than 4:50 but that gap really didnt felt too bad.

then at 80km the tire on the borrowed front wheel just came out of the rim (that wheel was clincher) and the tube blew loud and clear!!! noooooo!!

I had the trek van behind me 1 2 minutes afterwards, Mark from trek came out of it to see what happened and actually offered me a replacement and the tech support van got there too but actually had no whhels. Feeling miserable i just took my chip out and call it a day. Damn

Im disapointed of course, very, but what can i do! now its time to pack up and get back home. Unfortunately the Tech guy that replaced my wheel doesnt know where my wheel is so now i dont have wheel and have to find it somewhere today, i could use some better luck this weekend, i hope i get it or Vince will be mad at me :(

Another note to how i enjoy this racing venue, a transition area inside the monona terrace is just insane, i dont think there is something like it at least with 2500 athletes in it, the city of madison is awesome with very friedly people and students, just great.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Its just great to meet old friends that i made in 2004 when i raced my 2nd ironman. The Barmores, Rickers and shewpies that im still up to visit and say hi.

It is quite rewarding when i was told the story of  jake shewpie. back then he was a normal kid that liked to do rock climbing now he is a olimpic team rower with triathlon in the middle. kinda of the inverse sporting carrer i had, and aparently i got him into endurance sports after my stay in shewpies home in 2004. just WOW, i look forward to see him in london the land of rowing. i do hope he makes it!!!

anyway, in the weekend i had the chance to go to castle rock lake, just awesome place with great company, great riding swimming and running too bad it is frozen during the winter :P i had a great time there.

before that i went to FOOTBALL and watched middleton kick madison east butt and mckensie dance in half time. It was cold, actually it has been quite bad the weather, windy, chilly, i hope it gets better for the next weekend because like this its not fun.

I have been feeling some times bad some times good without any particular order.

photos and dinner

me at the chilly and breezy football game

mckensie dance team

castle rock lake, or at least a small part because its quite big

the morning workout

the cabin

homemade oatmeal and caramel cookies and coffee, i could live out of these :P

going out for some water sports in a very fast boat

trying out the fast vehicle

early morning photo before the ride

Thursday, September 2, 2010

moving north..

louisville is done and im up north in a secret location :P

I really would like to thank Kevin, Nikki, Trevor, Hayden and litle levi. i had a great time with them, and sure will want visit them in a close future. Kevin did a great job out there finishing his first ironman!

I got some new presents after the race too :P

more soon when the sun shines again

Monday, August 30, 2010

Missing the good old 2:40's :)

Another IM another finish another awesome result. IM louisville, I am having a great time here!!!

I will exclude the pre race stuff, everything went like it should happen so no writing about that

The swim was HOT, felt like soup or tea :), right at the begining i got a really har punch of the face, Ouch, black eye was the result (only saw that o the finish) i felt a good fast stroke till the turn around buoy where i was on someones feet with the feeling that i was going alright but surely couldnt get away from there, so that was what ive done, now in the turn around buoy i was in the inside and got some problems to go through it. i lost my beloved feet and tried to get there for i would say 700 800 meters, it seemed that it was just there but never made it, crap i issed what would eventually be the 56 min group with quite a few good names on it. i then got passed and did prett much the rest of the swim in another pair of feet, it was really a good ride absolutely affortless although i knew i was loosing time with that. 57:30 was the time out of the water.

Bike time, it has been 2 year since i was here racing and i surely forgoten how tough this course is, after that small connection to the loops its just insane the ammount of short steep hills in the course, constant up and down all the time, melts your legs. I was in the save energy for the run zone again and maybe go a little faster in the second loop. i was feeling well especially after the first hour of riding, i passed all the girls earlier tha usual so i tought i didnt have a bad swim. lots of lonelly riding going through the hills untill i got to the second loop where we all mix with the age group in the first loop. i passed a few atheletes, and at 125km mark Max caught me, we changed some words about fast running to get closer to the lead i rode with him in sight until T2 around 45 seconds. my second lap was indeed faster. i was feeling confident that the effonrt of the bike would produce a fast run to get in the top spots, the nutrition was flawless and hidration too.

The fact is that again just like in Utah, as soon i got my feet on the floor i didnt felt the speedy legs, it was hot, i didnt really feel that, i started drinking and eating right away and that was enough to forget how hot and humid it was, i just didnt have running legs, i was 10th and the coments where that there was a ton of guys that where just melted, like i would guess, i was in 6th place in no time so the question was if i could get to the top5. i was running slow i sure miss the super fast runs but this year in ironman they seem to stay home. The good thing was that i got into 5th at the end of the first lap and at that time seeing where the competition was and how many just pulled out of the race, i really just want to stay in 5th, and i was safe there, 4th was to far away and 6th too. i just cruised to the finsh line, dont get me wrong i was hurting.

Yes for the ones that know me, i am unhappy because the run that got me into so many podiums isnt here but im really happy to grab another grab another great performance, i love this sport, i stayed at the finish area with Nikki up untill Kevin got home at around 9pm, his first IM and looked good :) great people, great race venue, i had a great day yesterday!!!!

take look at my finishing video, thanks byk :P

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I love it, Serra da estrela is by far the best place in portugal to do the big 20+km climbs all very steep. It was very sad to see that a very big area of protected area has burned recently, quite a sight as i was going through areas still smoking. bad bad bad

its almost flight time, monday, i have been feeling good because i have been resting a lot for the past week despite all the hard workouts so now that the tough days are gone i expect to feel even better....duuuh ;)