Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the Compression family ;)

Starting off with Pedro Quintela, He lives with the family around 100km from me and him and his wife are the compression family for reasons that i think are obvious ;)

He is doing his first ironman, and had quite a few problems early in the year in his coxis (sp?),  this from lets say...too much internet reading and a very poor bike fit. He almost gave up of racing and actually got a quote from a doctor that he would never be able to workout again without pain but fortunately i made his way out and seems to be well prepared for the race.

The quintela's dont train with my group like the rest of the gang but we are very good friends.

Not sure what's his goal though, he is racing in the 40-44 AG so i would say, watch out for this skinny tall guy...bib number 1108


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Espectáculo! Grande Pedro!