Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Relax, Take your time

There are very few music/videos that give me chills (sp?) this is one of the musics that do so,just because of the video...

Im also taking my time although im not relaxed, im actually very stiff from the past 3 weeks.

Im not sure about the right miliage but from my head, around 110km of swimming more than 1500km of riding and around 280km of running, a severall visits to the gym in those 3 weeks, made me push a bit to the limit at the end of the last week. Not so much from the volume but from the intensity. track workouts, swim sets, 7km swims and a few intervals in the bike, short but fast, i had my share of this kind of stuff :P

Im now having a easy week where im really feeling the work done and i will race an Half ironman in Madeira, that will be fun. im still having some hard time fiting inside my wetsuit but its going the right way.

After this weekend, my buildup to an ironman will begin so im really looking forward to it.

Its strange how i was suffering with training a few days ago and now im already looking forward to more pain.........dumb triathletes

more soon

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10 valid reasons for an recovery week

1- You start to feel that a day needs 30h to have more recovery time.
2- You Dont shave anymore because it may take precious time for recovery and its a hard phisical effort.
3- You take 15 min from the time the alarm goes of until you are in the water for another swim.
4- You sleep ready to take of to the pool
5- You dont use jeans anymore, you dont need to look good anymore, you just need to get the work done
6- Taking a shower after a workout is eliminated in the morning as you clearly know that in a few hours you need time to eat and go for a ride
7- Taking a shower after the ride may be questionable, time is needed to eat and a short nap besides, theres a run later on anyway.
8- You get grumpy
9- you look like a dead person
10- you search a chair everytime you stand for more than 5 seconds

Having said that, i will enjoy shaving this week :P

Sunday, February 8, 2009

looking like a pro ;)

at least until the photos of the post below. this is of course photos from the 80 km mtb race one week ago.

this week was hard, not a lot o volume but plenty speed work that i havent done for a while now.
i dont have the total for the week in my head but 2 visits to the track, a 10km swim day (2 sessions) and a long ride today with plenty of watts to push where the highlights of the week. Enough to keep me indoors the rest of the sunday, weather sucks anyway.

One more week of the socalled speed training camp and ill finish it of with another visit to a mud site on sunday, yheeeey

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


watching cyclo-cross is really fun!!!

there are severall good videos of the world champs... really cool

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mud, Mud, Rain Broken deraliums and shitty hidraulics

This is the result of my day in the saddle at a 80km MTB race today.

Absolutely miserable day of rain and as result the course was a mud pool for most of the way.It was a fun tough race but with 20-15km left i started loosing my hidraulic brakes, that where brand new, while riding 2nd place and with no option other than walk the downhills. To call it a day my rear deralium snaped a few kms later with around 10 km to go leaving me no choice other than walk and stand in the closest road waiting for pick up in the rain freezing to death....ok death is a bit over the roof but it was really cold with no dry clothes.

I had fun tough, the course was one tough cookie but i still managed to do like 3:30 of hard riding :D

One thing is for sure after severall rides on my beautifull 10 speed MTB bike, i realized that she (yes she) doesent have racing pedigree and i love v-brakes :D

to finalize my weekend ill leave the music that isnt abble to leave my head lately