Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Relax, Take your time

There are very few music/videos that give me chills (sp?) this is one of the musics that do so,just because of the video...

Im also taking my time although im not relaxed, im actually very stiff from the past 3 weeks.

Im not sure about the right miliage but from my head, around 110km of swimming more than 1500km of riding and around 280km of running, a severall visits to the gym in those 3 weeks, made me push a bit to the limit at the end of the last week. Not so much from the volume but from the intensity. track workouts, swim sets, 7km swims and a few intervals in the bike, short but fast, i had my share of this kind of stuff :P

Im now having a easy week where im really feeling the work done and i will race an Half ironman in Madeira, that will be fun. im still having some hard time fiting inside my wetsuit but its going the right way.

After this weekend, my buildup to an ironman will begin so im really looking forward to it.

Its strange how i was suffering with training a few days ago and now im already looking forward to more pain.........dumb triathletes

more soon


Judy said...

Great video and good update!

Anonymous said...

Awesome video, must have watch/listen to it 20 times in a row.

Danny Montoya said...

Cood video!