Thursday, April 30, 2009

few things

Im leaving today to a 3 days training camp in tomar, logging some good quality miles on the bike for sure!!! ill try to remember taking my camera with me :P

Here is a oficial video of the race last weekend

and finally a interview in website...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

oh, i did race yesterday

I admit that i have been laisy (even more) and didnt post anything for a long time, time enough to actually race lisbon half.

After cali 70.3 i had another 10 days of really good training and followed by a few days of rest till my "own" race in lisbon. Really good athletes showed to the race including some that will also be in lanzarote IM.

I finally had a decent race and that is the least i can say. I was 9th, with 4:02 and rougly 7 min off the winner, the brit Dann Brook. I finally felt some legs coming out of the water and had a good ride and that made all the diference in my "mind race". A good boost for me leading to IM lanzarote... i am indeed excited to get to my real race day :P

photos soon and im off to some chill out

PS: the race is getting better and better each year, it would battle with some oficial 70.3 races, i higly recomend the 1 or 2 readers of my blog to visit lisbon next year :P

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


great ryan Hall video

great form too but i would assume that anyone running that fast looks good :P

Friday, April 10, 2009


Yes, i got into SBRERR mode again but after "my girls" its time for some Empire of the sun as the most listened music in my IPOD ;)

I actually dont have an ipod, lets call it a cheap mp3 player.

I should remember on of best quotes of the Timex camp.... "spend money on yourself". IPOD it is, im leaving for some groceries :P

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not fun

I have been very busy since the minute i ended Cali 70.3. Team timex camp is now over and i only had time to have my workouts squeezed into presentations etc.

My race in oceanside was bad, didnt swim fast, rode my bike like an old lady, and honestely i was too demotivated to try run hard. Yes i was hoping for a faster day, i felt like the king of training after the race, a joke we normaly make to someone that trains fast and races slow.

I have been motivated with my workouts and imprrovements through the weeks but i got quite an hit from this race to be honest. Hanging out with my team mates was really good for that though.

Im now leaving Carlsbad in my way to LA (thanks shawn and tracy) for my flight back home, during that i will have a lot of time to think about "things" :P

one pic from the race and im out of here

Friday, April 3, 2009


I forgot my Camera/PC conecting cabble so i cant post any photos other than this one from jody's camera.
Pedro Gomes is behind the camera :P and in the photo is the great Shawn Frack the orange guy and the orange girl, orange guy had orange crocs, orange girl has orange toe nails :P

Krepe (pedro) still havent got his bike and today is the last day so that sucks. other than that we are "happy". I already seen a lot of friends and team mates incluiding my good friend Jody that now is also a team mate.

So there is not much to write about, Race tomorrow and Team Timex Camp afterwards.