Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not fun

I have been very busy since the minute i ended Cali 70.3. Team timex camp is now over and i only had time to have my workouts squeezed into presentations etc.

My race in oceanside was bad, didnt swim fast, rode my bike like an old lady, and honestely i was too demotivated to try run hard. Yes i was hoping for a faster day, i felt like the king of training after the race, a joke we normaly make to someone that trains fast and races slow.

I have been motivated with my workouts and imprrovements through the weeks but i got quite an hit from this race to be honest. Hanging out with my team mates was really good for that though.

Im now leaving Carlsbad in my way to LA (thanks shawn and tracy) for my flight back home, during that i will have a lot of time to think about "things" :P

one pic from the race and im out of here


Danny Montoya said...

Good to see you! Safe and happy travels home!!!

Danielle Runs said...

congrats on your run!! can't wait to see more pics!

Anonymous said...

Há muito tempo que desejo festejar mais uma vitória tua. Acompanhei a prova toda e fiquei realmente surpreendido pelo teu bike split. O resto já nem conta pois imagino a desmotivação sentida.
Novas provas existirão e eu (+ um admirador incógnito) cá estarei á espera para poder festejar as tuas vitórias.
Tu levas bem longe o nome deste país