Sunday, December 28, 2008

the first "test"

Yesterday i did my first test of the season, 10km race in Lisbon (Sao Silvestre de Lisboa).
Weather was really bad, rain and cold but it was a nice comeback to Running races that have been out of my "calendar" for a couple years.

The result was rather expected, I'm out of shape and fat as a pig :P, the last time i had this kind of weight was when i was a rower in winter time. But it was good to just forget about all the healthy foods and diet for a few months something i haven't done for several years. Going back to a decent weight will be something i will nedd to do in the next weeks. Back to the race, i did around 34:40 and i finished with all sorts of pains in my legs because of the effort and today i woke up very sored and some temdoms hurt a bit but i think i will be fine in a few days. Today i also went for my first long (4:30) ride of the year (or i should say season).

I also got back to a weight room, something i haven't seen seriously since my rowing times too.

have a great year

Friday, December 19, 2008

the latest on the hotta

How do the white dropouts look?

its slowly getting finished :D

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Season is getting planed

And the first thing first. I will be working with Sergio Santos and Antonio Jourdan in the upcoming seasons.

And will be part of the portuguese training group that trains in my backyard. One thing is for certain, a lot will change and it wont be just my return to track sessions that for so long where out of my schedule :D

Im starting tomorrow although i have been doing some really unstructured training the past few weeks.

Planing the season is next, although i have some ideas i have nothing "organized".

The Hotta is on hold right now since i sent some important parts for paiting. I know the world is excited for the finish of this project of mine :P

And, finally, since some asked about a closer look of my custom MTB here it is

Friday, December 5, 2008

My mud bike

My MTB bike is ready to go :D

yes, the Hotta project now has a crankset and cabble housing too :P
And yes, The MTB bike was hand painted like a portuguese ceramic Wall

Sunday, November 30, 2008

my projects are running now, not me

yes, this will be the home of my blog from now as obviously the old one is sucking quite a bit with all those "your montly transfeer limit has gone" kind of stuff.

having said that, im enjoying time off from training, ok i swam 2 times this week and went for a short ride with some friends today but that doesnt count as training :P

i have some work to do and decisions to make and projects to complete. here is one of them...

enjoy the winter :D

yes my show bike is almost ready :D