Saturday, September 26, 2009


One week from today and im off to hawaii :D

I have had my days, good and bad, after sanabria i still had 3 days where i felt tired while training but good hanging around. Ithen had a very tough 4 days (thursday, friday, saturday and sunday) with a LOT of cycling, 580km and last saturday i had a "special" workout that i called "hawaii special". Those 4 days made a huuuuuuge chunk of volume for the week.
It was basically swim 3000, jump into the bike ASAP and ride 140 with 2:15 tempo (90km), make a transition without rushing things up and run 1:40 with 1:00 @3:45/km pace.

Feeling good at this workout was almost mandatory, its one of those workouts that at the end you think "im ready" or "im F#$#%" and i felt good altough having a hard time early in the week.

I pushed a bit on the predicted pace for the run, i was suposed to go at 3:50 (and thats why i called hawaii special, because 3:50 was my pace in 2006 marathon at hawaii) but i felt really good and effortless while running. I did some nutrition tricks during the workout, i followed my race routine in the 2:15 but ran without calories, to to try replicate the feeling of empty tank.
Overall a great workout and next day i still had 200km to top it off :D

this week i had a lot less volume again and of course im in taper zone where like i said, have my good and bad days.

Im actually racing a Olimpic distance today in the afternoon, i really dont want to risk that much, its too close to hawaii for something to go wrong... heck Henning broke his hand yesterday!!!! i still hope he made it to Kona..


Friday, September 25, 2009

awesome video

standing start

wisdon is worthless, the measure of a man is power


Thursday, September 17, 2009

team timex in kona this year

here are the Team members racing in hawaii

Monday, September 14, 2009

the deal is still up

Back to lisbon, not sure if im happy or not, i sure missed friends and family...

Yesterdays race was everything but good. As soon as i arrived, friday night and in the short workouts i did on saturday i felt like i couldnt breath. I really didnt feel tired hanging around but my breathing wasnt right also. from start to finish i only managed to go in Zone 1 2 but my breathing was like all out, swimming was awfull in those conditions, i had severall parts where i had to breath in every stroke. very interesting, not. But i made a deal with my self to not DNF no matter what (careful with what you understand with this). so i finished. 20th with an oficial Timex racer trainer avg HR of 144 and in need of severall bottled of oxigen. it is interesting that im saying that coming from altitude right ;)

I still managed to hold on to 2nd place in the iberic LD cup, this was the last race. First was Pedro (krepe) that had another great race, 2nd. We where tied for this race but he sure went for it :P

this week is back to some hard work...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

the last one before i leave

as promised, here is my tribute to krepe and his ability to sleep in a car, im sure he is having a hard time at sanabria lake... ill meet him tomorrow after my 1100km drive to sanabria.


100km ride
3000 swim

45km ride+40 min run
2500m swim just after this post

tomorrow is off day, it sure wont look like one though...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

volume is done

so nice to say it isnt it..

Im done with the big part of volume until IM hawaii, 3 weeks of full throtle. i had severall muscular pain during the last week or so but nothing that prevented me from getting the work done. i will leave Font romeu friday morning with 1000km of driving ahead until i reach the race site. I feel tired but i also can say that i have seen tougher days...time to ease a bit for this weekend and then fine tune for hawaii. so since my last post here is what i have been doing.

165km ride
4500 swim

5400m swim
2:30 run

2:05 run with 5X2000m ( this was a great workout especially after a long run where i didnt felt that good, i was faster in each rep :P)
60km bike
4000m swim

205 km 45km in Zn3 ride+45min run

60km ride
4000m swim
50 min run

Tuesday (today)
1:20 run with 10X500m
3500m swim

few photos and im out

the duathlon trio

the center from the warmup fields, thats a 250m staking track

me and Sergio silva cooling down, you dont need to comment my rugged beard..

i said to not comment on how scary i look with my dense beard

me at one of track workouts

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

3 down, 3 to go

those 3 ( Lino barruncho, Manuel alves and sergio silva) crashed already in this training camp, still 3 to go, me krepe (who is leaving and only has one more bike workout) and tiago silva wich has a very low center of gravity and most likely will stay on his feet no mater what :P there's a lot of blood around.
all of them at high speed, the most scary one was from sergio silva, on monday, that was riding behing me when all of the sudden a dog with poor sense of oportunity came from nowhere and still touched my back wheel but hit sergio really hard... at 60 km/h, im glad it wasnt me (sorry sergio) but despite the speed sergio escaped with just a few bruises and actually finished the ride Very very lucky.
the group is small now since the short course triathletes already left to australia, here its all about hard workouts, im in the peak week and it sure is tough, i went through a bad afternoon on sunday after a long and tough run. But overall all days are good days, of course i feel the impact of training everyday but im still not dead... LOL. here is what i have done since my last check in.
Long 160km ride with 10X5min
Gym session
2:30 run with 4X12min at la calme (2100m high) this one was really tough
2:20 ride, i was really smoked on this one
3000m swim, same here
80km ride
5100 swim
4200 swim
90km ride with 10X3min Z5 and the final climb (40 min) at around 300W and 55rpm (really tough workout)
1:20 run
wednesday (today):
1:50 run with 20X400 (a reminder on how i hate speed workouts :P)
5200 swim with 40X100 paddles
ill have 6 more days until i ease off a bit for a race in spain on my way home from Font romeu

on a side note, i was happy to see Jordan grab his first IM tittle at canada, awesome race