Saturday, September 10, 2011

Guadalajara photos

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Wednesday i had a 4000m swim and a 1:15 run with 5X1000m with plenty of rest
felt good on the run, it wasn't an all out workout but even so it a nice hard one.

Thursday i swam 3800 and had a Short brick of 1:30+20
with some intervals at 320W at the end, a trun of 10min hard and 10 min easy

Friday was an easy day. 2500swim and 40 min easy run, I did all this before 9:30 am because i had an invitation to shoot some photos for a Portuguese magazine and after that i needed to drive to Guadalajara with Vanessa for the race, always a long drive to get to Guadalajara, got there at 10pm in time for a good night of sleep, something that has been missing for most of the days.

Today was race day, Guadalajara triathlon is one of the oldest triathlons in Europe in its 26th edition. a "training race" for me, and a good check point to see my form and status after a DNF in Tampere.

Contrary to probably all editions of the race, the day was cold, yes...cold in Madrid area at this time of the year!!! the race was an half ironman distance, again different from previous years, it kinda makes it nice to not have a single course that is exactly the same as last years. the only thing that seems to remain the same is the t2 and finish line in the local stadium.

The gun went of at 2pm, yes, very cool an afternoon race, a day where i could wake up whenever i wanted, have my breakfast with plenty of time and still have time to relax before an half ironman, hard to see around the world, but it sounds great to me ;)

The swim in a small lake was very easy for me, i felt comfortable but i never trust my water feelings anymore ;) after that sprint that is always hard i settled in a group and didn't even tried to lead, the fact that it felt really easy except when i got squeezed and drank water and could really breath for a few strokes, always nice to feel the shock of that, the body really weakens for a minute to try get my breath back. other than that i left T1 with everyone i wanted, a bit less than 2 min from ivan tejero, a awesome swimmer.

The bike course was hard, harder than previous edition and one of the hardest ever, at least the race director told so, and heck it was really hard. I felt good climbing but i really didint felt much strenght in the few flat sections, i still dont feel the same as for example IM france, but im in the good direction of the curve.  The ride had sections where i felt good and some where i didn't felt very good. the worse was at 70km where i was seeing my life going backwards, i was really feeling nothing in my legs, with the post race thoughts i think i underdone my nutrition taking not as much calories as im used to. Even so i finish the ride with Alessandro Santamaria in 4th/5th place, knowing the the best runners where probably me and him depending on how we felt of course. Ivan was 3min ahead so my ride was 1 min or so slower,

The run was a 4 lap with twists and turns, up and down, mixed surface, plenty to keep you focused. We started at a good pace, after 2 3 km i was already in the elastic and got dropped a few meters, the first lap i felt bad, especially in the big hill, ouch, i got back into Santamaria and we run almost the entire course together, the only exceptions where when he dropped me a few meters again, it happened for 3 occasions during the first 2 1/2 laps then i started feeling good legs, and tried to drop him when we where catching the 2nd place runner. I know that going uphill i was suffering more than him but i really could stretch my stride in the flat and downhill sections, we where closing the gap to Ivan really quick and in the last lap in a false flat downhill i really pushed the pace to drop Alessandro, i did it and only needed a big blow from Ivan to get to him, it didnt happen for 35seconds, again very close.

im happy for this race especially for how i finished it. There where to much up and downs to consider this my best but i liked the way it started, swim, and finished, the last 2 laps. Bike form is there yet but it was enough to stay in contention. This is my last race before Hawaii

Vanessa did well finishing 6th with a great ride but lost a few places on the run, another good test for her, happy me.