Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The traditional 2013 numbers

I will go deeper on these numbers as well as some thoughts about 2013 but time is short so ill leave that to 2014.

Here are my 2013 numbers, it is clear that im going downhill when you look at totals ;)
Swim291:09883,400 m
Run233:223,407.9 km
Bike521:3116,864 km
Other7:500 km
Total1053:5221,155.3 km

Swim298:24962,700 m
Run282:464,075.8 km
Bike627:5420,239.2 km
Other6:300 km
Total1215:3425,277.7 km
Swim278:44872,412 m
Run284:284,069.4 km
Bike665:4423,731 km
Other11:250 km
Total1240:2128,672.8 km
Have a great 2014, ill try to enjoy mine