Thursday, March 25, 2010

energy draining routine

Racing in each weekend while still training hard and long is tough. i dont think im saying anything hard to believe.

my routine for the past few weeks has been basically shrinking the week into the 5 work days, have a full morning of training on Saturday and try to relax in the afternoon, then race Sunday. a Duathlon a triathlon and an half ironman this week, that is quite a progress in racing style.

This week i will be at the first stage of the Portuguese national champs that will have 4 races, i will probably miss most of them but this one i wont. i was of course supposed to be in australia for the ironman but i wont go there again, im fine now.

The race in is porto santo (madeira) and to be honest i feel A LOT fitter than last years race at around the same time but i have been feeliing very tired with the past 3 weeks, the usual suspects will be there of course :P

as for what has been happening with races, the first duathlon in Cadaval (sprint distance)was a good tough and fast workout, i didnt run that (i was feeling a lot better at arronches) well in both legs but i biked decently and finished 20th

Then next week (last weekend) i finished the race at the exact same spot. The race in Alpiarça, the home town of my Tri club had everyone in the field including Russians, Spanish, English that have been around preparing for the international race in Quarteira in 2 weeks. I swam well ahead of the regular guys that normally swim with me at the local races and caught 3 groups leading to the run. This was a team cup competition and i pushed a full hand of team mates and was hoping for then to run better than me and close the team (Miguel Arraiolos and Duarte Marques where at the first group) but i had to do it myself and score for the team witch placed 2nd, very good.

Although Tired i have been feeling mentally fresh to suffer in races, another thing that i feel compared to last year at this time, that makes me happy ;)

as for totals:

Week 11

Swim: 23,6km
Bike: 507km
Run: 88km
Race: Sprint duathlon in cadaval

Week 12

Swim: 18,6km
Bike: 500km
Race: Sprint tri in Alpiarça

and a few photos of races:


The DU



i truly hope my good friend Jordan gets out of this mess soon...

Jordan Rapp in car accident

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

feels like the first real complete week of training

It feels like that, not that i havent been logging some very decent miles but in fact this past week was the first where putting a real track session on the run really motivated me and i started with 14X1000 at a controled pace.

On the other hand, it has been very dificult to log the scheduled training as the weather is umbelievable bad, the worse i ever seen since i train outdoor. RAIN RAIN RAIN, im pretty sure that for the past few weeks i spent 2/3 of the time soaking wet and im not counting the pool time.

it has been more like getting the job doneregardless of the conditions.

After the injury i have some big weeks of running, all in very slow speed and now im enjoying going to the track as never before :D

lets see here since the begining of the year this is an overview of what ive done:

week 1 from 28 December

swim 20.1 km
bike 277km
run 65km

week 2

swim 16.6km
bike 425km
run 20km (week where i stoped running)

Week 3

Swim 45 km
Bike 465km
run 10km (unsucessful try)

Week 4

Swim 35.2km
Bike 700km (it was a nice week for riding;))
run 19km (very short runs at the grass)

Week 5

swim 20km
Bike 430km
run 30km


swim 25,8km
Bike 495 km
run 89.5 km

Week 7

swim 28,5km
Bike 540 km
run 145km

Week 8

swim 26,9km
Bike 390km
Run 159km


Swim 20,9km
Bike 200km
run 104km

week 10

Swim 25,6km
Bike 615km
run 129km


Monday, March 8, 2010

walking on a sprint

very interesting photo

The guy walking is actually me and apparently the guy in the orange circle was in fact the one that touched my feet, he also fell..

Monday, March 1, 2010