Friday, April 3, 2009


I forgot my Camera/PC conecting cabble so i cant post any photos other than this one from jody's camera.
Pedro Gomes is behind the camera :P and in the photo is the great Shawn Frack the orange guy and the orange girl, orange guy had orange crocs, orange girl has orange toe nails :P

Krepe (pedro) still havent got his bike and today is the last day so that sucks. other than that we are "happy". I already seen a lot of friends and team mates incluiding my good friend Jody that now is also a team mate.

So there is not much to write about, Race tomorrow and Team Timex Camp afterwards.

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Coach Hugo said...

Com tanto laranja ainda vão fazer campanha pelo Santana Lopes para a Câmara Municipal de Lisboa!

Bom regresso que o Julinho já está com saudades!