Saturday, April 16, 2011

African photos

Apart from the "small" glitch in the run that destroyed my race, i loved going to south africa for the race. The venue spectators and race are AWESOME.

here are some photos

early on the bike

lap 1

lap 3


around 10k into the run at cruising speed

uuups not looking good

oooh it hurts, i actually had to throw up after this one :(

arriving into T2

goning under 4min/km at the end of the run after all the S$#$ was kinda nice. i ran with the gel flask in one hand and 3 gels in another the whole run, i dont know why i didint just tossed them away ;)

more photos "off racing" coming :)


João Correia said...

Grande Sérgio,

imagens inspiradores para todos os que, como eu, se apaixonaram pela modalidade. Fantástico!

Continuação de boa sorte, companheiro Sérgio.

Unknown said...

Grande Profissional

São atletas como tu que inspiram todos e especialmente os teus colegas do Clube TAP. Continua a voar...

Jorge Paulo Pereira