Sunday, May 10, 2009

too funny

not to share

i have no clue that they did this in Acores (portuguese islands). I know that there is a lot of this in spain (pamplona is probably the best known), but still a few dozen of minutes of crazy stuff and "what are they thinking"

oh, yeah, the lanzarote cake is done with todays workout.... lets hope for a large cherry :P


Anonymous said...

That was freaking funny! Thanks for sharing.

sedi said...

Tourada à corda, that is the name of the thing! ;-)
It's done mainly in Terceira Island in Azores, and is very famous around there. For the ones wondering, most of the guys that were hit were most likely so drunk that they didn't even see it coming! :D

Scott Curry said...

I think the lesson here is, "don't wear a belt"