Thursday, May 7, 2009

a good sored leg recipe

-Preheat the hoven to 27ºC
-Run steady for 45 min
-Get to the local track with no soul there, this one is enough

-increase the temperature to 30ºC
-Start the big water cannon to irrigate the football (soccer)field grass and with the gentle breeze, a quarter of the track has is sprinkled with water
-do 2X3000m with 400m recovery
-Grab a powergel
-head out for a 30m run in the shaded trails around the stadium
-go back to the track with no water cannon

-have a caffeinated Powergel
-run 2X3000 with 400m and a powergel between sets
-run 20 min more
-eat lunch

thats a kick ass workout :P


Anonymous said...

Piece of cake. Just slow runs, easy. It is just a bit boring, that´s the hard part.
Try to do 4x200 (26''-28''), 2x400(58''-1'02'') and 800 (2'10''-2'15''), with 1' rest time between group sets and 30'' between repetitions.
This is a kick ass workout, not for everyone

Anonymous said...


What's your point of bringing a 1500m specific training workout when Sergio is doing IM Lanzarote in a few days?

Anonymous said...

"1500m specific training workout"

1500 specific?? you are crazy men (surely is not IM specific too, i was giving an example of a really kick ass workout)...even so, ask any elite marathon runner if they do what sergio described... it only slows you down.
It's very important to keep speed, if you want endurance or resistance just do more series with smaller intervals. Like 15x400m or 10x1000m, with 30'' or 1' int.
Of course you still need 30km workouts, but this ones should be done at very slow speed, recovery pace, to gain efficiency.
You shouldn't mix very long runs whith specific track workouts, it just mess with your physiology.
Ask sergio if he can be competitive at sprint or even olympic distance triathlons? And I'm not talking elite level ones...
Your body has to like to move fast...

Marcos Apene do Amaral-AçaíTri said...

I would stop and get a 1 month recovery time! Hope you are training well, Marcos!

WC Athlete said...

Well the workout looks tough but im absolutely sure that i couldnt make those times :P

Anonymous said...

"im absolutely sure that i couldnt make those times"

Don't be, you'd just need to change your perspective in some things, and maybe your training plan.

But it's not time for that, and you are an IronMan, not a marathon runner, like Ryan Hall.

But don't forget to do some speed sessions, in the pool, bike and run. They are of maximum importance. Let your body learn how to move fast, so that slow becomes easier...