Monday, May 4, 2009

already over

3 days of very good training, the big number was the 450km of rididng in the awesome and quiet roads around tomar, batalha, montargil and all the surronding areas.

the yesterday ride was awesome, Sergio and Rodrigo kept me company while staying in my wheel :P it was a great day. Despite a early "lost" episode we still went for the LOOOOONG loop that i had planed in the map. the result was 215km that felt great, rodrigo hit the wall with 180km and sedi did well too :D

here is some video and photos

a 120km chat with Sedi and rodrigo, notice how rodrigo looks good here :P

the gang before the sunday ride shorter for some

an artistic photo....

Ver mapa maior

the route

the distance

the survivors

more soon

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Anonymous said...

Ok, where do I sign out for the next training camp in Portugal?

Great Job. 215km... can't imagine been seated that long.