Saturday, May 2, 2009

good life in Tomar

this of course was a destination for me in 2005 hot month of August, you could actually see photos in one of my old sites that unfortunately i dont have any more.

I took advantage of a friday holiday to grab some friends and drive up here (170km). And of course its always nice to log some long miles in a diferent place and this area now is fabulous.

Yesterday i had a long workout that was suposed to be 5h+1hrun but since i mizcalculated the distance and especially the toughness of the chosen course was more a 5:30+40min run.

the course was this one

Ver mapa maior

And it was fabulous, the locals can understand where i was :P

I rode with sergio as the rest of the guys got here yesterday afternoon.

Today i had a open water swim, a 2h easy ride and im leaving after this to a longish run.

tomorrow i will have a huge day in the saddle and probably the longest until Lanzarote

here is a photo of me and sedi riding up in "serra D'aire"

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Fernstie said...

Uma amiga da família tem uma casa de turismo de habitação por aí...

Deve ter sido um bom fds :)