Monday, May 18, 2009


yeeeeeees, its saturday.

Im traveling on wednesday and ill be there to perform :P

I've done the homework, ive done everything that has been requested to my body and im feeling fit. it was a tough few months, ive lost around 7kg but the work is here and im excited for saturday to come around. Of course when i get there i will be shiting on my pants but that is another story.

Taper was A LOT diferent than what im used to do. no im not doing the no taper taper but it was well, diferent.

Weather seems nice and calm :P


Marcos Apene do Amaral-AçaíTri said...

Que você faça uma grande prova!
Abraços, Marcos!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Saturday, looks like the bike is going to be even harder with those strong winds blowing.

Have a solid race!

david caldeirao said...

"nervoso miudinho"...ansiedade.... deixa-te disso!!! e arranca lá uma SUPER prova, para garantires já a viagem á ILHA....
força miudo!!!

IronScot said...

Hey Sergio

IronScot here (from IMBrazil 2007) wishing you a great race in Lanzarote. I hope the windmills at Haria aren't turning too fast!!

kick a$$


acandeia said...

XD good race and just forget that part that u talk about the just kick ass and do your best as always. Kiss**

acandeia said...
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