Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trans portugal day 8

2 days to go.

For me this was the day to try get Ignacio (with all the respect, like i said he is aas very nice guy).

The stage was  around 140 km with the first half mostly flat with lots of short and steep climbs and then at 110km the BIG Technical Climb followed with a very slipery techincal downhill would sure destry everyone.

I was sure of one thing. if i get there with Ignacio and Gijs, i would be dropped big time as those guys just are amasing going through those techincal climbs like it happended while arriving to Castelo de Vide.

Early on, Marco and Craig took advantage of a mellow pace and build a 3 min lead. My plan was to try leave ignacio before 110km, with a hard pace taking advantege of the easier terrain and with the climbs later on.

When the gap hit the 3min mark i made the decision of bridging the gap so i pushed the group in a pace that i could be confortable but that could make some damage to the group. We soon caught the duo, not sure at witch km and then it was the time for everything or nothing.

I lauched more than a dozen attacks, some of them where almost sucessfull but where destroyed by downhills, ignacio making his way to my wheel and when aparently he didnt someone would. I did it in short climbs, flats, roads, everywhere i could but i was left with nothing other than a very short group of 4.

at a certain point the route was a total mess, me and ignacio ended up in the wrong side of a big hole. Gijs and Sloan where at the right side. This ended up with some laughs between me and ignacio and we actually had to throw our bike 2 meters in the air to make our way beck into the route. Gijs and Sloan took advantage of that and disapeeared. We then where caught by the group behind as our pace was slow. One or two more attacks and the time was lost. it was time to get dropped ;)

And so it happened, as soon as we hit the climb Ignacio just floated through the rocks as i was batling them so hard. it was something like 3km up and 3km down followed by up and down the rest of the ride.

At the top i had already 2:30 down on ignacio, at the bottom i had 4min what could i do?? nothing. I turned off the racing switch back then it was time to call it quits ;)

i dont have a clue on how much time i lost at the end but honestely i dont care much, one more fun day out there. i just know that im safe at 3rd place unless something happens

To end the day nicelly a swim in this amazing hotel im at was great

more tomorrow

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cincopavosya said...

Hola Sergio soy Ignacio, eres un superclase, me quito el sombrero ante ti porque has sido muy valiente atacando una y otra vez, que gran batalla, he sufrido pero me lo he pasado muy bien contigo. Eres todo un señor dando pedales y cuando no los das también. Gran luchador