Sunday, May 22, 2011

the race

First the venue... one of the nicest course Ive done, yes its hot and humid but it wasn't that bad.

I had a predictable result that translates the feelings i had during last weeks. i felt tired the whole day and had to manage the race with what i had.

The swim in lake woodlands is cool, water is dark has hell and the point to point swim was nice also. Right from beginning i was left alone pushing a group the whole way until the last stretch. i almost able to catch the group ahead at the first turn around buoy, they where just there but then i started loosing it. leaving the water i immediately knew that i was far back and of course away from the group i should have been. no worries.

The bike was by far the loneliest ride i ever had, really. i saw nobody. yes i passed some girls but that was it!!
it was kinda cool with even some light rain so heat wasn't a factor. i didn't felt very strong right from the beginning as well so trying to get the most of what i got was the only option but in reality theres no more to be said about the bike. lonely lonely, not boring.....just lonely ;)

the run was where i really tried to do something, i started at somewhere near 6:15 6:20min/mile but i was feeling that that rithm wasn't comfortable, i slowed down. by mile 14 15 it really hit me but it was actually by then when i finally started to go up in the board so that was of course ...nice. till the end it was just a matter of running and suffering a bit more. i had no idea of race situation until i got to the finish line, was 12th and i really dont feel bad about it the pro field was immense. i was of course in a whole lot better shape in south africa but that doesn't bother me at all.

till next week ;)

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Bernardo Morais said...

Grande Sergio.

Parabens pa!