Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trans portugal Day 2

WOW, i didnt have a flat today ;)

the stage was awesome, very dangerous at some parts, enought to have me dismout, especially in the first kms. loosing time was of course inevitable. after that a loong climb that made me go up again in the ranks and soon after that i was surprised to see the lead pack WOW cool!!!

as i got there everyone started looking to everyone to see who was going to push, as i have nothing to realy loose on this world i did it. a climb made the group explode and even the race leader droped a few meters behing, hmmmmm.  i was alone in the front for 10 km and got caught by the rest of the group, a portuguese (leader Marco Almeida) 2 guys from holland and a canadian. we rode for a lot ok kms together in the flater section of the stage. with 40 km to go the next and last hard part was begining. hills, up and down all the time. a hard hill that started in pavement made me push big gears again, that made the canuck and one of the holies drop back and then another few kms later i was alone.

WOW i gained time very quickly especially when i could put power to the wheels frome there the diference was from 2:30 to 4 min depending on the terrain. the last few kms where really bruta withe very heavy terrain, mud and rocak all over the place, vary hard on my body and got me strugling a lot. but i did manage to get to the finish line in first, pretty darn cool. i am now in 4th overall as there was a ton of people loosing big chunks of time today.

tomorrow there is brutal stage in the high mountains, i ran and swam today and that actually felt good. not sure how i will wake up tomorro though, it was a hard effort today ;)

having fun the whole way


sica said...

Keep going, my friend, you are almost there.

Anonymous said...

Vamos lá BOSS!!! Aperta contigo! Se poder, vou ver acompanhar-te na 6ª etapa :)

Forte abraço!

J. Belo

Patinho Feio said...

Tas fortissimo!