Sunday, May 1, 2011

trans Portugal, day 1

Here i was in a diferent world ;)

day one was hard, 146km with almost 4000m of elevation gain. after the normal star i was somewhere near the front until the first puncture, only 15km!!! WTF

changing tube, and lost the company, after that it would be kinda doing my own stuff. The terrain was brutal on the body, very hard riding especially after half way where it started raining. i was pushing big number, i do have a powermeter installed ;)

i started passing the ones that where blowing up at the front then pfffffft second one. I had 3 spare tubes just in case. changed, lost a few places and regained then. pffffft 3rd one, changed tube but wasnt passed rode a long way and with 20km to go pfffffft, im screwed. i had nothing more to do other than waiting for someone coming behind me. gladly it was the firt one that tossed me a spare and the 2nd tossed me a co2. it was all about finishing.

6:50 around 20ish minutes from the leader. It was a ton of fun though i took quite a beating, im just not used to this mtb stuff ;)

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sica said...

Força Sergio, ainda há muita prova até ao Algarve, regularidade e pé na tábua :-)