Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trans portugal Day 5

Arrival At Castelo de Vide.

longish stage of 149km, mostly flat... yes but lots of mud at th begining, the result was of course catchup for me.
as i got back to the group, everything seemed peacfull. Ignacio is of course my rival right now as the second place is up for grabs. there was a massive group during most of the stage and i really didnt felt like pushing at the front, well at least until near the end as i was sure that we would have some fireworks with ignacio. near the end the group got smaller and smaller with the usual suspects. in a 30% climb, the twins took of and started to work together at the front leaving me, marco and Ignacio. in the last Water spot Marco decided to stop and as consequence i was left with ignacio chasing the dutch brothers, What a coincidence  ;)

we worked together to catch the boys at front, pure racing, fortunately one of the brother got a flat and gijs was left at front and soon after we caught him. There was nothing to do other than wait for the final climb that was VERY steep and VERY techical as usual with big and irregular cobble stones. what can i say, i was left behind in the very first few meters, they just took off.  in 2 km i lost around 2 minutes to ignacio and Gijs won the stage. Everything is good!!! more on day 6, the longest stage of the race!!!
im now around 4 minutes from Ignacio

i was left with a 50 min run to do today....not very fun but always nice sight seeing ;)

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