Sunday, July 19, 2009

week 2

well, week 2 its over now, it was essencially the same as last week with a few longer workouts and harder intervals.

Today we went for a 180 km ride that in the mao looks like this

i miss some spots because the actual riding was 180km no more no less :D
It was a great course, tough, loooooong climb ending with around 3km at 11%, add to that the over 2000 meters (the top was at 2408) and it sure is a challenge to get up there with a bit less oxigen avaliable...

i took my camera...
Early shot while leaving behing bourg madame, those are not UFO's they are hot air baloons

Andorra La vella down there
Houses in umbelievable spots, really cool sightseeing
the best is still to come...already over 2000m

the photos dont make it apear that steep but the col is right there, can you see the lack of oxigen in the photo?

2408m and a photo/coke/newspaper for the downhill stop

Pas de la Casa, trying to shoot a photo at 65km/h is not easy
The final downhill, from Col de Puymorens to UR and then the already traditional final climb home

not much to add, it was a great 2 Weeks of hard training :D


Anonymous said...

That blue sky is unreal must be photoshopped!

Anonymous said...

I really miss Pas la casa... but skying, not riding :-)

keep going guys,,, tough training!


Marcos Apene do Amaral-TriPhiloSophia said...

Amazing bro!
Take care, Marcos!

Fernstie said...

Nunca vi isso sem neve :)
Parece valer a pena.
Mas eu levava uma daquelasbicis que mostraste no outro dia e nas subidas carregava no botão!

Anonymous said...

Last week guys make the best out of it!

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