Saturday, July 4, 2009

day 2 and 3

first of all this is not a training log :D i had bad "experiences" when i gave too much details about my training :P

Having said that, tomorrow is the day that things get serious around here, till now it has been easy, getting used to the fresh air (or absence of it) around here. yesterday another short 2h ride witch basically was going down the mountain/climb back and 3500 swim. Today i ran in 2100m of altitude (nice) and swam 4000 with 7X200 as main set. tomorrow is a long ride with uphill hard intervals and a t-run

So far im enjoying my time here, its always nice to leave the Base in lisbon and train in a new place (i have been here already in 2004). I really dont have much to do here other than focus on training so enjoying every piece of it is fun...for me, awesome trails to run a great pool and tough riding always with a spetacular and unique landscape. Besides at this time of the year its really tough to ride in lisbon as the beaches are getting full of stressed people and roads are crowded at the coast.

some not so good pictures, ill try harder

Going downhill

climbing up and obviously my camera lens protections is damaged :P

start of the 2100m high run, you go left but you end up to the right

there in the right side of the picture, thats where 2100m run trails are :P


Marcos Apene do Amaral-TriPhiloSophia said...

What a beatiful sky! Enjoy your time to focus on what you really love!

Anonymous said...

What no training log? I was hoping to find out all your little secrets... Dammit! What a boring blog... ;) Love the pictures.

But at this time of the year it's to compare them to TDF.

Keep posting.