Tuesday, March 31, 2009

just an update before i leave

to california for a nice week in mr Arnold land :P

this week was very tough, i had a kind of 2 sets of 2 very hard days, Wenesday/thursday and saturday/sunday and with a long run on moday. the totals for the week, 19.6 of swimming, 590km of riding and 109 km of running, 2 gym visits and around 34h in total. I had a 3000m swim time trial yesterday morning and after that its all about recovering.

Needless to say that i was very tired on sunday :P

flying tomorrow to cali for the race and camp, updates as soon as i get my hands in a coputer!!


Fernstie said...

Boa viagem :)
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Have a good flight and we are all waiting news from sunny California.

Paulo Renato Santos said...

Boa prova nesta passagem pelos States (mais uma...)

A propósito, estou à procura duma roda traseira usada (zipp 404 ou 808)... se souberes de alguma!!!