Sunday, October 9, 2011

the race

definetely not what i anticipated but i went through it to finish the best i could.

From start to finish it was all about suffering at a speed that would be a good recovery workout.

The swim was basically a lonely effort, i passed lindsey somewhere before the turn around and that was about it. Felt so hard and endless that swim, no big news to tell there.

As soon as i steped into the bike seemed like i was hit by a lighning bolt (i never had so probably not the best way to tell), had absolutely no power in the legs and the few i had felt so hard to put in the pedals, got passed by the slower swimmers, Jozsef went by me like 15km/h faster than i, really, then the girls, badman thurig etc. I had such a hard time going up hawi and no matter how many calories i got in it never changed the outcome of the ride. I Averaged 208W a good 50 55W below my best performances this year. the only good thing is that i kept a even pace power wise. finished with 5:10 on a good day for fast riding.

the run was all about finishing the day, nedlees to say that i felt terrible while running slowly and was actually surprised that a sub 3h was made.

Really hard day with no power in my body. Probably just an extension of my week where after arriving on sunday i only felt good on tuesday  and then i really went downhill. i was really feeling good leading to this with tremendous workouts but i wasnt abble to put everything together in one day.

Vanessa had a good day phisically but had some major GI in the midle of the run that made her finish in 11:30, im actually happy for her overall performance and her hapiness to finish IM hawaii.

so, it was far from my ideal season finale but neverthless i fell like i had a tremendous season, some bad races yes but most where really good for me.

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Miguel Andrade said...

Life goes on! Muitos Parabéns porr mais 1!

Ricardo Francisco said...

Grande Sérgio ! Só um comentário. Não correu bem «but you are hard as a rock ».
E da maneira como terminaste parecia pelo aspecto que tinhas ido ali fazer uma corridinha. Mas não era bem assim certo ?:) Abraço e boa recuperação. Para o ano que vem há mais...

Dirk-Jan said...

Congratulations for finishing with a sub 3 hr marathon nevertheless!! Sorry to have missed you when I was in Portugal - definitely need to plan this better next time. Have a good recovery and a good trip home!

Danny Montoya said...

Congrats on a solid season, another Kona finish and sub 3 hr run :)