Friday, October 28, 2011

2011 racing photos

Lots of Kms of racing this year. here is a best overview of it in photos.

Porto Santo half ironman
2nd, Tune up race for South Africa

Ironman South Africa
12th, wass very fit but had monster stomach pain during the run

Trans Portugal
3rd, 9 stages, 1200 of MTB riding, very tough, enjoyed every km of it. left me trashed for a long time

IM Texas
11th, 2 weeks after the MTB race, was still really tired

Aveiro Half ironman
2nd, one week after texas, did my best ;)

IM France
5th, Great race, great course

IM Zurich
6th, 2 weeks after France, felt really good and actually held myself in the marathon to recover quickly to what was coming

IM Frankfurt
16th, blew up really had at 120km, 3 IM in one month can do that to you ;)

Guadalajara Half ironman
2nd, The tune up race for hawaii. I was Way better here than in the island

IM World Champs, hawaii
33th, Bad day all day, didnt really have much to leave in the course, felt really weak. but went for it the whole way

This is how i ended my season ;)

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