Tuesday, October 4, 2011

in hawaii

Ah yes, im in hawaii already, Loooong trip that ended on sunday.

as a quick blog, i would say that i haven't had much time to blog, even on weekend ive been out of my city to get some fresh air leading to a decent prep to the race. Place like my all time spot Tomar and definetely my new amazing training place in Avis.

Of course anyone that follows my blog knows about Tomar, but let me tell you that Avizacqua training center is just a perfect place for triathlon training and in particular Long distance. more on that later.

The build up for this was very decent but i certainly feel the need to get some real rest from a very busy season where i definetely wasn't the "real pro", very far from that but i managed to get VERY good results. I managed to get some more time to workout in September, not sure if it was the right thing to do ;)

the overview of the workouts would be the following

since i got here i have been feeling a lot below what i would like, jet lat and really tired from the travel, but i guess everything will get together in a few days!

What im really enjoying is Vanessas experience here in the big island. I can really say with 100% that she is having a blast and she is only here for one day ;) We had a calm day yesterday where we just needed to workout and have a photo session with swift bikes witch was pretty cool

Having said that, all is well so far, today will promise to be a very relaxing day again, but tomorrow the schedule gets tougher ;)


David Ferreira said...

Boa sorte Sérgio e Vanessa! Kick some ass! ;)

Anonymous said...

good luck Sergio's and Vanessa.

Sergio M. when you can put some photos from Swift bikes and from other things.

have a nice rest and goodluck i will bi watching you on day 8 by net.

Ass: Rui Trovão