Monday, April 11, 2011

things got ugly

Here is a quick report of the race.

of course im not really happy with the final result but i was happy for several other factors.

Swim: Didnt felt right again, slugish and without that strenght that lets me go hard, was in the group at the end of first lap and lost it. i totally know that i have swimming skills to go low 50's but until i really do it (again)...

Bike: I felt good legs right from the begining, Mr vabrosek was 1:30 in front of me and i caught him right away at in the middle of the first climb. that should mean something right? i had him for 2 laps on my back. When i was about to get the special needs at km 120 they messed id up really hard and i was left with nothing in the poocket to eat. I didnt freak out that much, slowed down for the last lap and tried to eat everything i could grab in aidstations. this is the acquiles heel of this organization in my opinion, aid stations had Nothing and when they had, it was bloody dificult to get them. the special needs logistics was provided by a logistics company (or sponsored) i guess that was why it didnt work ;).

anyway, the last 10 or so kms i rode again in a good pace and was really hoping to get my stuff (calories) in my transition bag.

I starded the run slower so that the calories could make their way to my legs. 4 km into the run is started to run faster again, at 4min/km, i imediately got into the guys that left me until i melted in vomit and diarhea. it came really hard and all of the suden. i had to slow down so much with so much pain for so many kms that finishing had become the goal, wasnt easy...

I threw up 3 times, one of them was self inflicted to try and take something out and countless stops in bushes and toilets. At the end of lap2 things got really ugly, my belly looked like it was about to explode and i was so dehydrated that i started feeling nausea and defenetely wasnt running in a straight line. At that time i stoped and  standed still for a few seconds, the symphony of my belly was quite incredible in the occasion. then i starded running again slowly. until km 35, where after une last vomit period (the self inflicted one) i ingested my very first liquid for 25km in for if water, goosh it felt so good to actually feel that that small ammount of water was absorved by the body!!! with nothing in my belly i started feeling alright again and had more water only. i felt so much better that i went back to the 4min/km pace and ran 2 km at 3:50 pace... WTF

So yes, not very happy with the result but i believe that if this thing didnt happen i would have a great race because i felt fine when thing where normal. oh well, i got the tshirt ;)

WC164K won the AG in under 11h so that was a great finish for her, really proud :D


david caldeirao said...

vida dificil!!! a de um IRONMAN como tu...., deixa lá melhores dias/provas virão ;-)
PARABENS para a "menina" que parece ter-se transformado numa GRANDE MULHER :-)
forte abraço, para os dois...

Dirk-Jan said...

Hi Sergio,
Sorry to hear about your intestinal issues - and great character to finish and get the t-shirt after all...but great that Vanessa did so well!!! Hope you have some time left to do some sight-seeing - SA is really beautiful.