Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So what is next?

Trans-Portugal. The MTB stage race with 9 days, 1150km and more elevation gain that i can remember!!!

Yes, totally not triathlon but it is a awesome challenge in this super limited entry race. Hopefully it will give me enough bike strenght for the rest of the season ;)

I really dont have any real competitive goal, heck i have a handfull of MTB workouts this year. Im confident enough to say that i have good skills in off road but im sure i will be overwhelmed by the others, first goal is of course staying in one piece. Then its all about finishing and enjoy this race.

The other goal is to log runs and swims during this period.

race site can be found here


João Correia said...

boa sorte e cuidado com os calhaus. Vai ser uma aventura e pêras.

Forte abraço.

Anonymous said...

Great challenge, it is amazing the quantity of climbing meters that your legs will upload. Good luck and enjoy the landscape view

sepololuap13 said...

grande desafio Sérgio!!!
que tenhas muita sorte, e a mesma dose de força.

grande abraço
Paulo Lopes