Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend at the new spot

Cadaval, 40 min from lisbon is my new flavor of the day spot.

Awesome roads, hills, flats, no traffic, dirt roads to run, its awesome... I LIKE IT.

I spent another weekend over there to log my final kms before thinking in any kind of taper for south africa.

Me and WC164K AKA Vanessa witch is of course the local hero ;)

Gorgeous weekend with awesome weather, finally. Saturday saw me riding 3h running 50 min and swimming 3000m and on sunday a long 5:20 followed by 45 min run, all this with tons of intervals gave me a lot of energy to enjoy the rest of the day doing nothing and enjoying the weather :D

All is right, felt tired after this weekend but its all part of the process.

A little test this weekend and we will see how it goes from there.

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Jorge Ortubia said...

Hi Sergio! I am a 19 years old and I am spanish triathlete. Can I agree your blog to my list?

Thanks very much!