Thursday, March 31, 2011

Porto Santo

so this weekend, the first race of the season (for me) took place in Porto santo, the small island with awesome beaches here in portugal.

I was 2nd last year in a very thight race where i was passed with just 1.5 km to go. This year with a totally diferent periodization i was looking to go up another spot but had to settle for the same ;)

It was the first week of Taper or something close to that for me. Africa is just around the corner!!!

I really didnt felt like a million bucks in the three sports so all was pretty leveled, lost too much time in the swim wasnt abble to put the watts i was requested to and am perfectly aware that i could do it and the run was slugish too. Pedro Gomes was untoutchable by a long shot since the swim and i fought with Rafael during the race for second. i passed him arount 60 70 km into the ride and tought he was going to close the gap on the run but fortunately he faded in the last half and i was safe in 2nd, another 2nd. i swam something like 28 biked 2:17 and ran 1:15:30 for an just over 4h race something like 5 min off pedro and with 3 min to 3rd.

This week i will se more taper of course with some cool workouts to do in the weekend, then its off to AFRICA.

some photos

The "clube TAP" won the team competition and that was a great start of the season.

WC164K won the women competition in the run so overall a great weekend :D


Danny Montoya said...

Solid start to the season! Congrats :)

sica said...

Força Campeão, bons treinos e muito sucesso é o que te desejo para a época que agora começa.

Triatleta said...


Desejo que voltes a fazer igual ou melhor ao que nos habituaste, ou seja, sub-8:30.

Boa sorte para ti e para a Vanessa P.