Saturday, October 30, 2010


Sergio Dias AKA SEDI has 2 IM hawaii in the pocket and wants more next year.

Works for Ericson but after 5-6 years i know him i still not sure what he does there, honestely ;)

good times in Kona 2005, my first time there and where Sedi god the Ironman Desease

Sedi looks big on the bike photos but thats because the bike looks like a tricicle

3 IM finisher witch includes the 2 IM hawaii and will race in the very (portuguese) competitive 30-34 AG

Besides having a shot at the Kona Slot he wants to run the marathon without stoping in the portapotty (sp?) and get close to the 3h mark, we will see about that at least the stoping thing as i believe he is pretty capable of doing it time wise

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sedi said...

Genial!!! :)
Gostei particularmente da parte do ainda hoje não sei o que faz exactamente por lá! :P

Quanto ao resto, vamos a isso! :)