Sunday, October 31, 2010

The 30-34 smackdown

Rodrigo Baltazar AKA fininho and some times teh flying sardine

The closest thing along with Pedro Gomes to the training partner concept. like i said, all of the group except the Compression Family are part of my training group.

Kinda new to the sport, he caught the IM desease in a visit to watch hawaii in 2008, my dreadfull year of crashes and flats...

ever since he has been doing Halfs and won his AG in the european Long distance Champs in vitoria, spain.

Swim Instructor for the kids and of course another portuguese in the 30-34 AG. 

Good swimer, decent biker and runner, he has no goal other than finishing the First Ironman but i think there a lot more to be added ;)

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sedi said...

"Pióninha"!!! (private joke) ;)

Aposto que vai ter um dia em cheio...e o mais provavel é ter de se começar a preocupar com o mealheiro...Kona is waiting! :)