Friday, June 11, 2010

things are not looking good around here

its been 9 days of altitude, its been really agressive till now.

No, not crazy volumes of training, actually its the other way around, but since like day 3-4 i just melted and have been training very limited and cant push much for the body right now. its like font romeu being 1000 meters higher than the other ocasions. Initially i thought that i had caught some kind of virus given how i felt and still am not sure if its true or not, i have synthoms that are like and others that arent. every workout that is at rolling pace is slow and everything that has intensity is slow too, i really feel like i have nothing to give right now, hopefully ill feel stronger next week...

Weather hasnt been helping either, its crap crap crap, that normally doesnt make me stay indoors but i kinda need every help i can get right now ;)

The olimpic boys got here from madrid on monday night so we are 6 right now + Sergio the coach.

more when the weather gets better ;)

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