Monday, May 31, 2010

2nd again

yet another race that wasnt perfect, i really need to nail this thing :P

Aveiro was held yesterday, i was second again in the national portuguese champ this time for Pedro Gomes. This time i didnt ride like i should.

The swim was good and bad, i felt great so i decided to swim a bit more, it was a total stupidity, despite the very well marked course i was all over the place cursing myself for a very very very poor navigation, i wont say i would be X time faster, it was just too many rookie mistakes just in the swim. cant really believe that!!!

Anyway it was time to hit a 7 lap course in the bike. just around 1st turn around i established as the 3rd place, around 1 min behing pedro and with rafael 20 seconds ahead. but soon enough i realised that i didnt have the legs to have a good ride, i suffered to just stay in 3rd witch i didnt as David rodriguez passed me in the 5th lap. in the process pedro put me another 6 min and i passed Rafael to hit T2 in 3rd. I was sure pedro needed a very bad run for me to even think about winning...

The run, i was curious to see how i felt after 90 km with my legs burning like hell. First things first, i had David ahead and i started very fast to get him, but i felt pretty decent so i kept going at the same pace until he dropped, then it was all about building a good enough gap to stay safe in 2nd, pedro just had too much advantage after the bike to think about him, so i kinda cruised the rest of the run but while running fast, i liked how i felt and that might be the only good thing about this race :P

i finished a good 3 min back from the winner pedro in 4:02 with a 24:40 swim, a 2:20 ride (a longer 92km course, so the gps around said) and 15:40 run (a longer 21,7km , so the gps says too).

i was a bit bummed only for my ride as i felt awesome in the swim (navigation excluded) and running, my performance in porto santo was a lot better but that doesnt matter now. I will go to Font Romeu in a couple of days to prepare my next race in vitoria, Me and pedro will be the boys who will represent portugal at hte european LD champs. time to work together, like we have done for years to get good results there.

more soon, probably at higher altitude


sica said...

Contamos convosco para lutar pelos primeiros lugares em Vitoria.
Parabéns pela prova

Miguel Andrade said...


Boa estadia em Font Romeu!

Marcos Apene do Amaral-TriPhiloSophia said...

Now, as a team, hope you succeed at the Europeans LD!
Cheers, good to have news about you, Marcos

Anonymous said...

Parabéns pela prova...
Aproveita bem o estágio.
Estamos contigo!!

Paulo Lopes

paulo said...

tu aplica-te ...e mai nada!! ass:José Mourinho likes sergio marques :)