Monday, January 25, 2010

a kid with a new toy

As you would think with those past posts, i have found that my cell phone can send photos and short posts to the blog. a new toy :P

im already doing some very long runs, 30 min on saturday and 30 min yesterday. that is very long for me now...

as this issue gets solved sooner or later, i will have to make some adjustments to my initial drawings of the racing schedule but for now is just run that matters most. By the way the problem i had was the so famous piriformis syndrome, at least that is the experts opinion.

have a nice week

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Marcos Apene do Amaral-TriPhiloSophia said...

Ever tried that stretch that you stay lying on the floor or masage table, legs/knee bent 90º and the therapist push your feet in direction of the floor/table opening the angle between the feet?!
Really pain relieving! Had the same problem years ago and that was my "little secret" for complete recovery. Nowadays that's completely integrated with my stretching routine!
If not too much, I could feel the muscle being pulled right "under the balls" (sorry for being so odd on my terminology, that's lack of practice) when doing those sessions that really helped me a lot besides all that eletrotherapy with the physiotherapist.
Count on me if you need any remote assistance with injuries, or if you could not understand that exercise description that believe me,if you're not doing it, your loosing precious time and keep in touch to let me tell what it is all about in a way you understand, from the injured, Marcos