Tuesday, September 8, 2009

volume is done

so nice to say it isnt it..

Im done with the big part of volume until IM hawaii, 3 weeks of full throtle. i had severall muscular pain during the last week or so but nothing that prevented me from getting the work done. i will leave Font romeu friday morning with 1000km of driving ahead until i reach the race site. I feel tired but i also can say that i have seen tougher days...time to ease a bit for this weekend and then fine tune for hawaii. so since my last post here is what i have been doing.

165km ride
4500 swim

5400m swim
2:30 run

2:05 run with 5X2000m ( this was a great workout especially after a long run where i didnt felt that good, i was faster in each rep :P)
60km bike
4000m swim

205 km 45km in Zn3 ride+45min run

60km ride
4000m swim
50 min run

Tuesday (today)
1:20 run with 10X500m
3500m swim

few photos and im out

the duathlon trio

the center from the warmup fields, thats a 250m staking track

me and Sergio silva cooling down, you dont need to comment my rugged beard..

i said to not comment on how scary i look with my dense beard

me at one of track workouts


Anonymous said...

Did you lost a bet to Faris? ;) Great to read that you had awesome preparation leading into the big race. It must feel good knowing that the hard work is behind, I mean in your body!

Marcos Apene do Amaral-TriPhiloSophia said...

Good job! Huge numbers! Hope you recover well and get race-ready when it matters the most! Cheers, Marcos

Anonymous said...

Racing this weekend?

Fernstie said...

Não me deixas comentar... por isso não comento :)
Boas viagens!