Saturday, September 26, 2009


One week from today and im off to hawaii :D

I have had my days, good and bad, after sanabria i still had 3 days where i felt tired while training but good hanging around. Ithen had a very tough 4 days (thursday, friday, saturday and sunday) with a LOT of cycling, 580km and last saturday i had a "special" workout that i called "hawaii special". Those 4 days made a huuuuuuge chunk of volume for the week.
It was basically swim 3000, jump into the bike ASAP and ride 140 with 2:15 tempo (90km), make a transition without rushing things up and run 1:40 with 1:00 @3:45/km pace.

Feeling good at this workout was almost mandatory, its one of those workouts that at the end you think "im ready" or "im F#$#%" and i felt good altough having a hard time early in the week.

I pushed a bit on the predicted pace for the run, i was suposed to go at 3:50 (and thats why i called hawaii special, because 3:50 was my pace in 2006 marathon at hawaii) but i felt really good and effortless while running. I did some nutrition tricks during the workout, i followed my race routine in the 2:15 but ran without calories, to to try replicate the feeling of empty tank.
Overall a great workout and next day i still had 200km to top it off :D

this week i had a lot less volume again and of course im in taper zone where like i said, have my good and bad days.

Im actually racing a Olimpic distance today in the afternoon, i really dont want to risk that much, its too close to hawaii for something to go wrong... heck Henning broke his hand yesterday!!!! i still hope he made it to Kona..



Anonymous said...

That's a freaking impressive week! You are the man!

Great Job!

Luis Fernando said...

Ok, Sergio, I understand.
The day I left to run in an Ironman, having cycled 180 km, or even being in eum training and running for the 3:50 miles, I'll be grateful estramamente, and certainly when you look the part, my bikes will be close to yours, rsrs! Well not in training I think about running well .... maybe one of these days, without commitment, run, or that is 100 meters, but run.
Best wishes and good race.

Ana Filipa Santos said...

Boa Sorte Sérgio :)