Thursday, August 27, 2009

i can smell it

Kona, its still so far but getting closer and closer, still so much to suffer....

After 2 easy roling days i got back into the hard days, after 2 of them and im already feeling it (PAIIIIN :P)

on tuesday i rode 8o km and swam 4100 and wednesday im back at it, lets see.

-105km in a really tough course in the morning
-1:50 run with 10X1000m 3h after the bike, that went really well for tired legs, i was going around 3:21 3:22/km when i was supposed to lap at 3:25
-3000m swim 10 min after finishing the run, nice!!! i didnt feel that bad tough and a sauna afterwards was nice too, a really busy day and killer swim track workouts

-85km with hard all out 2 min sets in the last hill followed by a 40 min run
-4500 swim with 3X1000
-gym to keep my body tonned for the beach :P

-a early 4000 swim with plenty of speed work
- 120 km of riding in the mountains
- 1:15 run in la calme

meanwhile A few minutes ago the tri portugal olimpic distance team left back home, it was fun while they where here, lots of company but they have their own business to attend, Australia Final of the WCS, elite, juniors etc.

good luck for them


Anonymous said...

That's an impressive set 10 x 1000 at the speed you did them especially after biking.

Keep it up, just another few weeks before the big one.

Anonymous said...

What model of powertap are you using?

Danny Montoya said...

Keep it rolling!!!

WC Athlete said...

pro sl