Friday, August 21, 2009

day 1, the real one

yesterday was the first day of real training in the mountains. First 3 days where of course easy to get used (again) to the altitude and the fresh air. The big Tri Portugal group is cruising at Tough training speed since the fist week of august and i can see some unhappy faces around already :P

a 105km ride in the morning with the group with the "la molina course" gave the first taste of hard riding since i got here, in the afternoon a 5000m swim with 30X100m + gym session, i enjoyed this workout especially the average speed i was doing, mostly at 1:21/1:22, some at 1:20 and the last 3-4 closer to 1:25. The fisrt days where good for having some stroke corrections especially after such an extended time without someone having a look at my swim, and resulting in a few costly stroke mistakes...

today ill have a track workout in a few minutes, 10X1600 and another 5km swim

a few photos taken by the photo boy krepe, i still have my camera in my car but ill promise ill post a few photos of krepe sleeping is way to font romeu on sunday :P

the meeting point for yesterdays ride

La calme run is awesome

more la calme 2100 m run

the group of the afternoon run

the pool and hard working athletes, yes its me :P


Anonymous said...

Are you swimming in a 25 or 50m pool?

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